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 New Yotsuba smileys!

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New Yotsuba smileys! Empty
PostSubject: New Yotsuba smileys!   New Yotsuba smileys! EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 12:26 am

I just finished uploading these Yotsuba smileys I found, haha. let me know how you like 'em ;P

You can use them by going to the 'view more emoticons' dropdown and clicking 'Yotsuba'.

Angry Grin Closed Eyes Cry Dark Dizzy Drool Glare Glare 2 Huh? Nosebleed Nya 1 Nya 2 Nya 3 Eye roll Sad Smile Tongue Unsure Wink XD
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New Yotsuba smileys!
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