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PostSubject: FFFFFU IOSYS   Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:59 pm

Of any of you know what IOSYS is or what Touhou is (which I'm sure some of you do) ten you may understand why I say: FFFFFFFFFFU CIRNO
It's been awhile since IOSYS made a flash PV for Touhou. Well yesterday I found this video in my subscriptions box on YouTube. It's. So. Addictive. Every single Cirno releated PV IOSYS has made in the past has been extremely addictive to me, and this is no exception. It's more annoying and addictive than Tobuscus's Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Literal trailer song (which was in my head at lunch today) Anyways, just go watch it. Srsly.


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